A Sharp Friend

Copyright, Mia

I take this razor
To my skin,
I push it down and let it glide
It’s my friend.

I’ll watch a beautiful fountain flow Fom my arm,
I’ll be nice and slow
Just watch it pour.

Red isn’t exactly my favorite color
But in this case it has to be,
You might not understand
So just watch me, you’ll see.

Don’t be scared
I’m sane,
I just feel relieved
By this pain.

If this is…

Copyright, Mia

If this is pain
Let me feel it,
I like it
so just deal it.

If this is life
let me end it!
Give me a knife I’ll stop it.

If this is blood
Let it drip,
No matter how much
Just let it drip.

Eventually it’ll stop
And I’ll have ended my life,
I’ll owe it all
To this knife.


Copyright, Mia

the knife digs in deeper and deeper
the pain in my arm gets sharper and sharper
the blood running down grows thicker and thicker
as i angle my arm steeper and steeper

i close my eyes tighter and tighter
i think of the lies growing bigger and bigger
i think of the world growing harsher and harsher
as the tears from my eyes run faster and faster

i look at you longer and longer
as the envy grows stronger and stronger
your beauty grows better and bettes
as i fall away furthe and further

the feeling grows stronger and stronger
the things thet go on get harder and harder
as the times he hits me grow greater and greater
as my life grows darker and darker


Copyright, Mia

I’m trying to write
But what about
Maybe the fight
That goes on in my life
People always fighting
In my head
Whilst I sit writing
In the corner of my room
Words always growing
Getting harder
They keep on throwing
Abuse at me, until I cry

I can’t take it anymore
Its grinding me
On the floor
Where I sit waiting for you
I wait for you
Night and day
It must be true
That you’ll never come
Things are getting
Worse and worse
You keep letting
Me cry until I die


Copyright, Mia

The angry greed
That holds me back
That holds my life
That holds the slack

Just one more time
The knife runs down
The bloody skin
Covered by the gown

The bracelet I made
Goes round my arm
I put on a front
They think I’m calm

But inside me
I’m all worked up
To pick up the knife
To end my luck

To end my life
The one I hate
After the knife
Comes my bloody fate

I left a note
For you to read
By doing this
I’ve done a good deed

You’ll be happy
No that im gone
The note says it all
You done nothing wrong

It had to end
This life I had
I had no friends
Please don’t be mad

Don’t blame yourself
It wasn’t you
It was all me
I knew what to do

So now im gone
And now it’s done
All done and dusted
You’ll have fun

Please don’t cry
I’m here for you
When you need someone
I’m one of the few

I will always be here
In your heart
Ill never leave
We will never part

My Future

Copyright, Mia

I look down the road my life is taking,
and realize what a huge mistake I’m making.
I see visions, but not of me with my life situated.
But of me, drugged out nd so fucking frustrated.
My life is a whirlwind, screw the 2 roads,
But I gotta slow down, put myself on pause mode.
I wanna turn around, go back to the fork,
fuck that, take me back to the stork!
My lifes bullshit started at a young age, when I was to excited to turn the next page.
I though about things that were death-de-fying,
and even now are so damn terrifying.
But now I must accept my past,
and know that I am cured at last.
And take the road that is best for me,
and know I’m not the person I yet can be.


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