Copyright Mara

You think you know me
You really don’t
Untie the corset
Let the real me show
I’ve held it all together
I’ve held it far too long
Ignore me
Naked girl in the corner
Red lipstick smeared on my face
My hands are dirty
My nails are torn
There’s blood dried on my broken feet
But you don’t know me
Whore in the corner
You don’t see the mutilation
I’m still here
Grasping the fabric
The real me
Where are we?
I’m still here!
Girl in the corset
Untie me
Free me
Let the real me show.


Copyright Mara

With torn and bleeding palms we keen
Savages like you’ve never seen
With gnashing teeth we claw the edge
We balance precariously on the ledge
With battered feet we toe the path
We tie knots with our wrath
Saltwater drops line our cheeks coated in dust
Keeping our secrets is a full-time must
With broken fists we beat the mirror
Desperately looking to our Seer
We find no answers there
We tell ourselves just one last tear
Release! Release!
Will this internal hell ever cease?


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