The Dawn Of A New Day

Copyright, Michael

I stand here while time passes me by,
I am left alone and I ask myself why.
While others move on with time and grow,
Leaving me here to no good, so why cant I go?
So I ask God, “Why am I forsaken, for what did I do?”
And he answered, “Exactly nothing, the only one who can move you is you.
Everyone looked to the future, while you looked at the past,
Let go of such things as fear and hate, for love will last.
Now take my hand my child and don’t be afraid,
For tomorrow is the Dawn of a New Day.”

My Mirror Image

Copyright, Michael

Where is the exit to this dark place,
For I seem to occupy an endless space,
In a place so big I feel so small,
Sometime wishing I never existed at all,
I feel lost without any hope,
Making it harder and harder to cope,
All I sense is rejection and hate,
Fearing this is my endless fate,
I am dead inside so I must dream to live,
But false ideas are what my dreams seem to give
When I dream I see hope in the distance,
But reality comes and wipes it from existence,
When people try to help it makes it harder to deal,
Just because they’ll never know exactly how I feel.
So I look in the mirror and this is what I see,
But who is this person looking back at me?

My Desolating Shadow

Copyright, Michael

There’s something that follows behind me,
Something I cannot see.
Something that hurts me so,
A pain I hope no one will ever know.
I hope for a seed of happiness,
That never fails to grow.
But I have no fertile soil in sight,
Because my shadow hides it from the light.
My soul seems to weaken more everyday,
My heart seems to harden; this is the price I pay.
I search for a love that will take this pain away,
But I think my loneliness is here to stay.
This disease causes me to stay in constant apathy,
My cure is someone who can reach this state of empathy.
I want a love that will keep me safe and warm,
Someone who can comfort me with their loving arms.
But the thing I want most of all,
Is to fly forever, instead of fall.


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