Copyright Maria

Red beads flow down my arm
As I relieve my stress
I’m full of wisdom, full of charm
But sometimes I need a rest
People just don’t understand
How it feels to be alone
With no one there to hold your hand
And no place to call home
My razor is my only friend
She helps me through the day
She always has an ear to lend
And is always willing to play
She likes me to use her
The way guys use me
Her touch is soft like fur
She likes it when I bleed
I feel a natural high
With every little slice
As I say goodbye
To every little thing not nice
Sometimes I bleed for pleasure
Sometimes I bleed for pain
After I have to measure
How much I cut each vein
So this is all I have to say
Please don’t call me a freak
Just watch me now as I lay
And listen to the words I speak


Copyright Maria

Filled with tears
Filled with pain from past years
Wanting to cry
Wanting to die
Why is the razor dull?
Why in my throat can I feel a big ball?
Why can’t I get cut?
How come there is no blood?
Only scratches on my arms and legs
Take the pain away is what my heart begs
I don’t wanna feel no more pain
So I’ll continue sitting in the rain.

Deep Cuts

Copyright Maria

As I felt the knife cut the skin
I felt all life’s pain disappear
Life is a game I can’t win
Death is one thing I don’t fear
As the blood poured down my leg and arm
Everything stops and turns pitch black
Is life over? NO! Another false alarm
Where’s the happiness I seem to lack?
Will I ever be able to smile
Instead of always being in doubt!


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