Jet Black Hair

Copyright Michele

Jet black hair
Covers the tears flowing down my cheeks
Hiding my face
From the shame of my wrists
I smile through the stands comming done
Hopeing no one will notice
The heart carved into my wrists
Making the blood soak through my sleeve
Dripping to the floor
The drops of crimons are the tears i shed
Flowing doen my wrists
Just as mascara down my cheeks
The pure blood
Red as a rose
Poisoned by the pain of my pitch black heart
Draining my sould of the little color it has left
Jet black hair
Covering the bruises
Surrounding my eyes
Shrinking the sparkel into visions of razors
Dancing upon my wrists in a bloody ballet
Carving a heart
Only to cross it out
Just as you’ve crossed out the love you had for me
Scared away from the sighns of suicide
And the jet black hair hiding me from the shame

Only a Dream

Copyright Michele

On my pillow
Tears rolling down my cheeks
Writing a sad poem
To make me feel relief
Praying to God that i will wake up unliving
Unsure of everything
Even if life is worth living
Drowning in my tears of sorrow
And finally crying myself to sleep
Into a perfect world
Where my heart is soft
And my scars turn into butterflies
Flying away into the enternity of sky
The pure smell of rain
Carresses this world of no pain
And tears are only shed from laughter
The wind flows through each strand of hair
Creating the sensation of freedom
You wake up only to find it was all a dream
Teasing you
From what the happiness you once had
Sinking you further into the dark


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