Megan W

The Girl

Copyright, Megan W

She’s the girl in the corner sitting alone.
She’s never alone but you wouldn’t know.
She’s tortured and beat but you cants see who does it.
Her eyes look so empty so lost so broken.
Her screams for help silenced before they leave her lips…

She’s the girl that goes home to an empty room.
Or so you would think.
Really its full of secrets, memories, shame and, abuse.
Or maybe she goes home and dances with he cold silver friend.
Numb from the taunting and teasing today.
Or maybe she goes home and lets subconscious Feelings take over,
As she tries to bleed away the memories of all they did to her…

She’s the girl, who lies broken,
In the middle of the floor surrounded by shattered dreams and failure.
While someone softly whispers,
Telling her she isn’t good enough.
Saying nothing she does is enough…

She’s the girl who is covered with scars that won’t fade.
She’s surrounded by secrets she can never forget.
Wishing they would go away wishing all this pain would fade…

She’s the girl that seems to be alone.
She’s never really alone but you wouldn’t know.
She’s tortured and beat emotionally.
But you’ll never be able to see who does it…

I am this girl and I am never alone.
But you’ll never see the people who hurt me


Copyright, Megan W

another scar on my arm for every lie you told me and every pill i took
if you had another chance would you take it all back
would you take back what you did all the brusies on my back
i wish i could have saved all the tears that fell
from my wrists and from my eyes
I’d drownd you with all the pain i felt
as you turnd my life in to living hell

another fight another curse another slap to the face
another painfull image i cant ever erase
just one more memorie more painfull than the last
imortalized and carved on my wrist
another silen seream no one will ever hear
now i am reaching out in the darkness of pain and despair
searching fo the help and love i know wont be there
but still i try with the last bit of hope i hvae that maby someone cares

another pill another cut another drop of blood
for ever dreame i ever had that came crashing down upon my face
with the very first slap of your hand but
if i gave you one more chance would you do it all the same
or would you love me and not my pain

another sting another burn another scream another slash
as i realize i was wrong again the tears now falling from my eyes
and every cut all pouring on to theese torn pages
where i keep my soul hiden from you and
your mersiless eyes your judiging face

another lie another brusie another curse another slap
another sting another burn another scar another pill
another tear another silent scream another memory
and one more drop of blood for ever hope and dream i ever had
for every lie you ever told me every pill i took and every fight we ever had…


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