Copyright, Madison

they said she wasnt here.
not completely at least.
lost in a world of madness
and she cant find a word of release

Her aura is empty
heart wrapped in black
broken emotions
There is no going back

yesterdays gone
she doesnt like that it came
the following days
will be just the same

misunderstood is an understatement
no one has a clue
just how much shes dealt with
what shes had to do

people believed she was happy
thought it for so long
but those smiles were painted
how could they be so wrong

sitting at the tainted window
crying detatched tears day after day
watching the skys change
from hopeful blue to deadly grey

no one really wanted her
no one really cared
they put her here
alone, it isnt fair

she holds no emotion
and will never speak
and in her world of twisted vision
she’s declared a freak

waiting for her to slip deeper into the dark
she sees the clouds of depression hanging low
its addictive she’d say…
the pain, whispers long ago…

whats another day of rain
her life is such a mess
her skin is just about as white
as her colourless dress

bracelets of scars
wrapping around her wrists
accent the nothingness
of a target she regrets she missed

maybe she’ll be happier
in that place where her mind dwells
but i hold alot of doubt
for the crying still came whenever darkness fell

in the asylum she traces the lies,
the deceit and the sorrow
she carved them into her arms,
because she hated tomorrow


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