Crimson Pain

Copyright, Mallory

The idea slithers down my back
Causing a cold chill to run through my body
Thoughts crash against my skull
The throbbing to hard to bear
Fingertips graze the memories of the past
Pressing into my flesh
I feel the sharp numbess as it slides gracefully across my arm
Crimson pain falls from my body
Forming a small pool of despair
Mimicking my deep grey eyes
I cant help the pleasure it brings to me
My pulse quickens, raging against my chest
A silent scream echos within my ears
As I fall…
Down… down… down…
I watch the beautiful colors meld together
Forming the most haunting rainbow in the distance
My body is lifted to play in the clouds
Thier plush, white purity I try to soak up
But am always unsuccessful


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