Copyright Miirage

Valleys form within my flesh
Rivers flow their color red
Trickles over like boiling oil
Now my blood feeds earths soil
Metal warmed buried in my skin
Cut away the blasted sin
Slice out pieces of my heart
My eyes gaze open miles apart
Christ died to be our saviour
Does that merit such behaviour
Bright red whirls slide down the drain
Did they live their lives in vain
Daughter do your family proud
Be quiet don’t scream so loud
Retreated into deathly silence
Dealing my own body violence
I pay each day the toll for life
Every breath cuts like a knife
Forgive me for all my wrongs
I didn’t know I’d live this long
Back arching in final throes
Pain inside me quickly grows
Spilling out from widened lips
Contortion as it finally rips
Pouring out now fast and thick
One last breath ragged, quick
Slowing now black as lava
Please lord forgive me father


Copyright Miirage

shatters inside my head
words abound that are unsaid
no integrity
pale beside what i want to be
leave me now on my own
crawl up under
this spacious home
watch me now
i step out
slipping as i try to fall
crawling up the heaving walls
tumble down
smash my jaw
blood drips down
all on the floor
broken teeth i swallow them
wipe the blood from my chin
stand back up
its time for more
beat me
leave me on the floor
wreck me now
till nothings left
why do i get so upset
grinning features
speak of sin
come on now
please do me in

In the Rain

Copyright Miirage

The wind rattles the tiles on the roof
The rain streams along the glass
The light is dimmed by the clouds
The air is brisker, colder
From the corner of one eye
She dances in the rain
Every limb jolting
Face wide with pain
Feet with skin in tatters
Blood quickly washed away
Bare feet on the broken tiles
Pounding a distorted rhythm
Hear me now she seems to scream
You can feel her potency
Smell her despair
Fear is almost tangible
I fear she is insane

Sleeping Beauty

Copyright Miirage

The day is drawing to a close
Silent features lay in repose
Weeks and months lay in the past
Death is closing footsteps fast

quietly she waits now
soundlessly she sobs
tears don’t fall so often
bloodstains hide her pain

The scythe is borne in grey hand
Time drips through slow as sand
Broken heart still slowly beats
Angels eyes their last tears weep

softly her heart flutters
her tears have dried her skin
body slowly cooling
scars that marked her sin

Death now holds her hand tight
Walked away without a fight
Pale face white and cold
Eerie beauty won’t grow old


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