DNR (For a Friend)

Copyright, Miysh

Breathe, keep breathing,
I can’t end this alone,
Tears on my voicemail
And blood on your phone.

You took the ride
Cut yourself
To late to hide;
They all know.

Knives in the nighttime
And smiles in the day,
Wearing the mask
That keeps falling away.

You are not me
I am not you;
Could not be
Can’t feel your pain.

Best days of our lives,
Who’ve never seen a war;
Making up for lack of
By hurting ourselves more.

I’m selfish
To need you
And I’m sorry,
But, I do.

I’m waiting to hear
Just how you died;
She’s waiting for you,
And they call her suicide.

Train runs late,
River dredged,
Bath warm with hate;
Pain killed.

Burn yourself away,
Scratch until you bleed,
Make us watch you suffer
Because we don’t have what
you need.

Dead for a year,
Less than dead;
Sight of you cutting
Still in my head.

Breathe, keep breathing,
Don’t leave me alone,
Dead on arrival,
No one’s answering your phone.
Breathe, keep breathing.


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