Copyright, MJ

I’m falling, I’m failing
I’m stupid and dying
I’m twisted up
hiding in the dark alone
lost hope, lost love, lost feeling safe,
lost everything
turn your head away from me,
I’m nothing
all broken up
beyond help
my screams go unheard
it’s a mask — I wear it well
covers up my pain, my hurt, my anger
got you all convinced I’m fine…
but maybe I’m not
hear your screams get louder
but it’s too late now
press the knife against my wrist
the blood goes rushing out,
as I say my last goodbye
my fears, my tears, my pain, my suffering, my agony, my torture
all gone now
like you
I dissappear
for once my love, you couldn’t save me


Copyright, MJ

where were you all these years?
when I needed you the most
your body was alive and moving,
but there was nothing
incomplete and alone I fall
look at me and see nothing at all
take a chance, save me
from myself
my cuts get deeper,
the pain gets worse,
new fears everyday
when you look death in the eye,
all you see is your own fear
I’ve been holding off for way too long
so I will cry black tears,
matching your heart
hoping that you can feel my pain
the knife across my wrist is soothing
goodbye everyone
will anyone notice that I’m gone?


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