Copyright Mike

My baby
My Life
My Love
My Sanity
My Security
My happiness
My Soul
My Confidence
My Future
My Everything

All I think about is you
Everything I have done is for you
I always tried to be neutral
I wanted to always hold you
I was afraid I’d be to needy
I acted as if I didn’t want you
I really did
I was just scared you didn’t want me

You never told me anything
You could have showed me everything
You know I was lost
You know I needed guidance
You know I want you
You know I Love you
You know I was blind

Why couldn’t you show me
Why wouldn’t you talk to me
Why did you lie to me
Why did you hate me
Why don’t you trust me
Why don’t you give me one last chance

You know I will change you just don’t want to admit it you don’t want to admit I love you


Copyright Mike

Hatred is what I’m used to
Love is what I lack
Fear is what I am
Jealous is what I’m becoming
Death is what I’m looking for
Life is what I don’t want

You are what I can’t have
You are what keeps me here
You are what I seek
You are what I want
You are what I live for

Suicide My Only Compromise

Copyright Mike

Suicide my only compromise
Yet who will care
Who will fall
Who will regret my choice
Who will join me after words
Who really cars enough to stop me
Why should they try
Why should I care… for myself


Copyright Mike

I don’t fear my cuts
I don’t fear my burns
I don’t fear my friends
I don’t fear my family
I don’t fear my partners
I don’t fear my Love
I don’t fear my lies
I don’t fear my body
I don’t fear my self
I don’t fear my strengths
I don’t fear my weaknesses
I don’t fear my personality
I don’t fear my truths
I don’t fear my Knives
I do fear my past

I Don’t Know Why

Copyright, Mike

I don’t know why
I wanted to die,
Perhaps I heard
A whispered lie.
The devil said
Come over here,
Have secrets, I ,
Lend me your ear.
A louder Voice
I began to hear.
A Voice that broke
The chains of Fear.
The devil frowned
As I awoke.
His voice was stilled,
No more he spoke.


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