The Monster

Copyright, Mina

The monster rears its ugly head once again
I try to fight it, but I can’t
“Why fight? You know I’ll win.”
It’s true. It always wins.
I can only suppress it for a while
But in the end, it always wins
“Come on, you know you want to.
Once you cut, you’ll fell much better.
Let all your pain go.
I’m the only one who can hurt you now.”
I try to fight, but alas, I succumb.

Nobody Knows

Copyright, Mina

She lays in bed wishing she wouldn’t wake up in the morning
When she wakes up, she’s disappointed
Wondering how she’ll get through another day
Nobody knows what she’s thinking
Nobody knows she’s thinking of ending it all
Nobody knows that today is the day she will succeed
She sits there with the syringe in her hands
Ready to escape the pain of living
Knowing she doesn’t deserve to live
She injects herself and waits
Knowing it will take an hour to kick in
She knows the end will come soon
She will be free
So she waits and smiles
She is finally happy


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