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I told you something today
Wasn’t sure what you’d say
You’d say it’s nothing?
You’d say it’s not much?
How I could I be so wrong
You thought I’d need your touch

I know that we’ve grown closer
To the point of trust
But I couldn’t get the words out
Though I knew I must
And I’m sorry I didn’t say it sooner
Because now I know you care
I’m sorry I let you believe
That my life’s without a snare

Your face was of confusion
You couldn’t understand
Was it me I was talking about?
Why did I go on without a shout?
You’d joke about depression
Pretending that was me
Many a true word in jest
It isn’t funny now you see

I don’t want you to feel guilty
I don’t want you to feel bad
You were unaware then
I wish you had that ignorance back
I never wanted to hurt you
Or think it was your fault
There’s really nothing you could do
All I give is sorry
That’s all that I can say
Do you still think I’m cynic?
We’ll really never change.


Copyright, Mairailia

Lying in my bed
I hear footsteps coming near
Willing you to go away
Before I break down into tears
You know how it annoys me
How you ask and ask and ask
But you didn’t seem to care
When I pulled off my mask

How could you think I want your help?
You ignored it when I explained
How can you think I’ll just open up?
Not so long ago, you dismissed my pain

You say that talking will help me
But I won’t open up to you
I’ve found someone who won’t judge
Who’s willing to help me through
And I don’t care if I’m causing hurt
Do you like the taste?
My true friends have shown me my real worth
I’m afraid your help is too late

For Someone I Know

Copyright, Mairailia

When things get tough you have your mates,
They listen to you,
They make you feel great.

When things get tough they tell you you’re strong,
You can get through anything,
But they’re so wrong.

When things get tough no one understands,
So your only escape,
Is that blade in your hand.

When things get tough and you can’t go on,
Remember your friends,
And how you’re so strong.

When things get tough and you’re caught in the rain,
Take shelter in their arms,
And wash away the pain.


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