Scars Up and Down

Copyright Morando

As people are around hanging and drowning,
I sit here sad and frowning.
This is not the place to be,
For this damn earth is mean to me.
Slitting wrists and letting blood drip,
Down your arm and down your lip.
For the kiss of death is not far away,
But consequences you will pay.
So pucker up and kiss this blade,
Because your destiny is already made.
Blackened eyes and scars up and down,
Trying to scream but emerges no sound.
Punching walls and blistered hands,
Getting pissed with all these demands.
Pump that music and bang that head,
Nothing can go wrong, you already dead.
Wear spiked bands and black your hair,
And do what you want like you just don t care.
Don t try and control me, you have no chance,
For I am standing here in my black pants.
I have my nails painted black and my chains hanging,
Cos I m getting ready for a bit of head banging.
Pump up the tunes and the music kicks in,
Sitting in my room with mums sewing pin.
I grab a few tissues and push it through my ear,
For I am a person without any fear.
Once again but this time through my lip,
I look down as I see the blood drip.
Death and blood are splattered on this wall,
No used yelling for we have silenced you call.
Screaming and bleeding won t do much at all,
And now is the time for all of us to fall.
So grab your wrist and a sharp blade to slit,
For your time on this earth is up, this is it.
It s your choice now if u wants to continue on,
Because I have already made my choice, goodbye everyone.


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