I Hate You

Copyright, Morgan

You say it’s sick
You say it’s weird
You see my scars and turn in discust
So now I hide
My deeds from you
You cannot see
Any of what I do
And now I face you with these last words:
I only change for those I love
So I won’t change for you.

One Cut

Copyright, Morgan

one cut is all it takes
one cut to kill the pain
one cut to take all my worries away
All it takes is one cut to put a fake smile on my face.
one cut and I was hooked
one cut and i couldn’t stop
one cut turns in to two then three
one cut is all it took for me
one cut and i couldn’t stop
One cut and I just kept cutting.
one cut is all it takes
one cut and my world was turned up-side down
one cut and I was in a world of denial and lies
one cut and I lost my own life
One cut and I lost everything.
One cut and I lost my identity to the knife.


Copyright, Morgan

I try to say no
but if IM having a bad day
I turn to it
I try to say no
But I cant.
Its like if I don’t do it
then I’ll die
it has taken control of me
And it is my only way of closure.
T think I need to do it
I think it will get rid of my pain
I think it will solve all my problems.
I don’t think anyone will understand
I don’t think they will understand why I do it,
why I hurt myself,
Why I bring so much pain to my life.
They wouldn’t understand why I doing these things to my body
and they don’t understand why I don’t talk to them about my problems
they don’t understand that I cant take the criticism that they give me
they don’t understand that by talking to them about my problems
that I am opening up a chance for a new wound to be opened
they don’t understand why I keep my pain bottled up
They don’t understand my life.
They wont understand my world because they’ve never lived in it
And they wouldn’t understand the real me.
It wouldn’t be possible for them to understand the real me
When I don’t even know who I am yet.


Copyright, Morgan

they asked me why i did it
i told them school
they asked what was wrong at school
i told them i was having problems
They said it was no excuse.
i couldn’t bear to tell them the truth
i couldn’t tell them they were the ones causing me to do this
that they were the ones who caused me to hurt myself
i couldn’t bear to bring anymore pain to anyone more people
i didn’t want to hurt the ones who meant dearly to me
I didn’t want to put more grief upon them.
to this day they don’t know the truth
only i know the truth
And to this day I hope they never figure out the truth.


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