Copyright Missie

I just want the blade
to rip through my skin
i just want to feel
the height of all my sins
i don t know why
but it seems to heal
everthing inside
and all that i feel
i like to see the blood
run out my open wound
roll off my wrists
and hit the ground
sick as you may say
you probably did it one day
it dosen t matter who you tell
i am goin straight to hell
So tell them all that i am bad
so tell them all that you are sad
no one gives a fuck for you
so i will tell you what to do
Fuck OFF!
Make my tears stop rolling down
its not right
but i kn0 how
take this blade upon my chest
rip it right up through my neck
watch the blood come shooting out
the tears will stop
i have kn0 doubts
do you think its fair for me
to have to suffer eternally
why can t you just end the pain
can no one try to defeat your rein
of tyranny this you have to blame
you say its not
but your to blame
i will not play
your cheap childish game
i will end it to keep me sane
with one slash to the neck
your legend of tyranny has come to an end


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