Sticx and Stones

Copyright Me’lisa

I dont wanna die, but its the only way
To stop this bullshit that i live everyday
It’s perminantly imbedded in mah mind
That im the worst person to grace mankind
I never knew until i was told by you
annual beatings, and hurt feelings
Im gonna miss you mom, but i cant go on
Im so hated but i never did anythin wrong
So now i seek the cold blade of forgivness
Who would of known that it would come down to this?
With every line of bliss
That i carve into my wrist
My mind starts to drift
And my spirits begin to lift
I stare into the puddle, that was my soul
Im feelin alright, but not quiet whole
I finally did it, i finally got away
And all i had to do was throw my life away


Copyright Me’lisa

I’ve fallen
Can’t stand up
Can you help me?
In you I trust

Pulled down
I couldn’t reach
Those hands to hold me
Wont you help me?

not living not dying
What am I?
The heaviness of loss
Crushes me down

Will I ever rise again?
I can’t be on my own
But if I fall
All i coudl do is crawl

I can’t hold
My head up high
fear of facing
What I’ve lost

What is this I feel
I cannot tell
I don’t understand
It feels like hell

Walking Wounded

Copyright Me’lisa

your words cut into me like razors
you slash at me with your knifes of hate
just beacuse im diffrent then you
dosent make this right
unjustifed actions come from you
all that i can do
is try to sheild myself from your eyes
hoping that it would make you stop
you keep yelling and yellling
as i try to run away
you torment me as if in a cage on display at the zoo
I’m jsut here on my own
I try to seek help
but everyone just turns away

i gave into the majority:
i turn int o one of oyu
now i havae become the tormeneter
not the tormented
a new genertaion
turned the wrong way
wea re knwo the walkign wounded,
never able to be healed
we dont knwo love just hate


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