Will I Survive?

Copyright Mizza

I hear yellings, I hear screams,
I hear fightings, and all that seams
to matter is gone,
and I’m standing here alone.
I just don’t want to hear it nomore, I just don’t want to see.
But over and over, again and again, they repeat it for me.
Why can’t it just stop, why can’t it go away,
the pain never leave me, not for only one day.

When he’s not around, our home is silent,
but on friday nights he’s always violent.
So thats why I have to hide in my room,
always lock my door.
And take up all my razor blades,
I just can’t stand it nomore.
The blood is dripping from my wrists,
and my eyes are filled with tears.
That he someday will go just a little to far,
it’s what I mostely fears.

My arms are burning
and it hurts so bad.
I’ve done this a million times,
it’s all really sad.
I know he never ever will quit,
all his promise was only shit.
And the pain when I cut makes me feel alive,
but I always wondering: How long will I survive?


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