Murdered Self by Me

Copyright, Mary-Ellen

Murdered Self By Me…
How could this be??

I’ve walked these NightMares,
as I stand alone,
calmly feeling those battered tears
pounding a scattered spree.

Soaking-up BlooD drenched edges
of thirsty leeches
upon a silenced hang-man’s tree.

A scarlet tide pours
ever so steadfast
cluttering a shirt’s stained sleeve.

I sought-out Your RageLessNess
thru such hollowed Death
as I finished to fill-in silhouettes
of a shadow’s utterly Murdered Me.

You’ve witnessed
My inner Child’s slow drowning
underneath that puddled moment
of a grimm pitch-blackened Grandiosity.

There wasn’t even a 2nd glimpse
after I willed My head
to be linched up high,
as high as
the MoonLit Night reaches over
Your SunBeamed Glee.

Forever More I do reflect
to hastely become an ornament
of that barren skeliton’s tree.

I didn’t need Your rope
to throw My Life far away
from a World’s beseeching plea.

It was the sole Reality of a deadened want
to feel any Grey-Matter throughout
My Endless Heart-Felt BleeD.

You trampled down My every wish
through Your tainted abusive tastes
of HopeLessly stabbing into
an innocence of NoOne else but Me.

My Night’s are continuously slept
upon that red spotted matress
that holds the traumatic needs
of comfortably numbing My Spirit’s ffflleeee.

So, Thank You for the lessons,
for, I’ve learned those clear perfections
of RageFully Murdering this
Inner Child’s Freedoms
without a single tear shedd
as being raped twice over by Your hatreds
into My each-N-every blackened Abyss
of a constant NightMare Doused Dream.

And in the morning
My eyes will rise to see
a scarlet spotted stained matress
a shimmering weapon
and many, many fresh new wounds
of a “Murdered Self By Me”.


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