Copyright, Mona

the devil has a thousand face
each of them is a disgrace
in dreams he is a child
weeping for the past
i hold him close
mask comes off
i am trapped
help me


Copyright, Mona

innocent child, with innocent mind
she no longer has to be blind
wrapped in paper closes her eye’s
to all of the suffering and the lies

innocent child touched by hell
she no longer knows what’s well
in her dreams she just cries
innocent child want’s to die.

Macabre Pulchritude

Copyright, Mona

under the star in the wilderness
flowers grow to put on
a show, for the rest.
beauty’s begotten.
the child has forgotten.
elders pick beauty and the show
not the beauty which is yet to grow.
don’t be decived by their macabre pulchritude
because you need a change of attitude


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